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ATS-101M Iron Loss Tester
ATS-101M Iron Loss Tester is suitable for motor and transformer manufacture to rapidly test the quality of silicon steel sheet on raw material purchase and production site. It also applies to test pressed silicon steel sheets and show silicon steel sheet grade directly by the iron loss value.

Refer to the measure method of National Standards GB/T13789-92, ATS-101M adopts singlechip technique together with A/D & D/A, sine-wave excitation power source embedded, directly display iron loss Ps(W/KG).  


  • Applies to test the iron loss Ps of oriented or non-oriented cold-rolled steel sheets and hot-rolled sheets.
  • Sample input methods of thickness model or weight model.
  • Sine-wave enables it remove the bad effect of the harmonic wave.
  • Test results DOES NOT include copper loss, which ensures the reality of iron loss value.


Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz, Insurance: 250V1A
Display 3.5 Inch LCD
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Flux setting range Bm1:500~2500mT
Thickness range 0.23~0.50mm
Silicon steel size ≥ 20mm×20mm,flat surface
If it is needed to measure sample with size of 30mm×100mm,
our special fixture is needed,(extra cost of it)
Repeatability ±1%(constant temperature with the same test condition)
Accuracy 3%(After calibration to the standard size sample by frame,
test the sample of standard size)
Refresh rate 3 times/second
Environment Temperature:-10°C~40°C; Humidity:35~75%
Dimension Metal case:235×90×330mm(W×L×H)
Net weight 4.5kg


S/N Item Qty Unit
1 ATS-101M Iron Loss Tester 1 set
2 Standard probe 1 set
3 Probe wire 2 set
4 Standard-sized silicon steel sheet 1 piece
5 Power wire 1 set
6 Probe rust-proof cover 1 set
7 User`s Manual 1 set
8 Warranty Card 1 set

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