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Helmholtz Coil
Helmholtz coil is composed of two identical coils, the distance between the two coils is the same as the radius of the coil, and it can generate weak uniform magnetic field.

MM series Helmholtz coil can be used together with Fluxmeter to measure the magnetic moment of hard magnets.

Main Features

  • It is suitable for testing motor magnetic tile, mahjong magnetic core,  magnetic steel with thickness less than 3mm, and other out-of shape magnetic steels.
  • It can be used together with any Fluxmeters.
  • Cooperate with LZ-820 Fluxmeter, it is suitable for assembly line testing.


Model Uniform Area(mm) Tested sample size (mm)
MM-150D Φ75×H52 <Φ75×H52
MM-200D Φ100×H70 <Φ100×H70
MM-300D Φ150×H100 <Φ150×H100

We can customize the Helmholtz coil with different size and specification according to tested samples of customers.


Customized Helmholtz Coil