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AC Permeameter
SST-500 Permeameter is the special excitation device for measuring magnetic properties of single electric steel with the size of 500mm×500mm, it can be used together with MATS-2010M Hysteresisgraph.

The design and manufacture of SST-500 Permeameter confirms to <GB/T 13789-2000 Methods of measurement of the magnetic properties of magnetic sheet and strip by means of a single sheet tester>



  • SST-500 Permeameter is consist of magnet yoke, test coils( two coils: primary excitation and secondary induction), air flux compensation, transmission mechanism and sheet out device.
  • Select material strictly, the magnet yoke adopts import high-performance grain oriented silicon strip to guarantee the performance of the machine.
  • The design of magnet yoke is compact, the unique design of fasten slot can guarantee the stability of the yoke when it works continuously with high strength and long serving life.
  • The sheet out device makes it convenient to take in and out of the sample.


Items SST-500 Permeameter Customized Permeameter
Environment temperature 23℃±5℃ 23℃±5℃
Humidity <65% <65%
Applied standards GB13789-2008 and IEC 60404-3 Refer to GB13789-2008
Sample size 500mm X 500mm 30mm X 100mm;
30mm X 300mm;
100mm X 100mm can be customized
Total loss of magnet yoke ≤1.0w/kg(50Hz,1.5T) ……
Sheet in method By manual By manual
Sheet  out method By manual By manual
Frequency 50Hz-150 Hz 50Hz or 60Hz
Measurement range The measured range of grain oriented silicon steel sheet is
Bm:1.0T~1.8T Hm <1000A/m
The measured range of non-oriented silicon steel sheet is
Bm:0.8T~1.5T Hm <10KA/m

Customized Permeameter