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Epstein Frame
Conforms to National GB/T3655-2000, and be used together with MATS-2010M Hysteresisgraph. 

According to IEC404-2 Standards, ES-700 Epstein Frame is the basis of measuring the magnetic properties of electrical steel sheet and strip; from DC to audio frequency (10kHz), that is the total usage frequency range of electrical steel sheet. The measurement principle for DC magnetic properties is ballistic method and measurement principle for AC magnetic properties is voltammetry.



Item ES-700 Epstein Frame ES-200 Midband Frame
Environment temperature 23℃±5℃ 23℃±5℃
Humidity <65% <65%
Applied standards GB3655-2008and IEC 60404-2 GB 10129-88
Equivalent Magnetic Circuit 940mm 940mm
Primary turns 700 turns 200 turns
Secondary turns 700 turns 200 turns
Sample size Width: 30mm±0.2mm,
Length: 280~320mm±0.5mm
Width: 30mm±0.2mm,
Width: 280~
Sample mass No less than 240g No less than 200g
Frequency DC ~ 400Hz 400Hz~10kHz