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CIM-3200HC Coercimeter
CIM-3200HC Coercimeter is an instrument for measuring the coercivity of soft magnets. It can measure soft magnets with shape of strip, bar and sheet, and also magnetic components, such as relay, electromagnet value and magnetic head; which can visually evaluate the magnetic change of magnetic components during the workmanship (such as electroplating, annealing and welding); it can also be used for magnetic measurement of magnetic label, magnetic anti-forgery ink and cemented carbide.
CIM-3200HC Coercimeter adopts vibration sample zero flux detection sensor, with high sensitivity and accuracy. The test method confirms to the requirements of GB3656-83, GB13888-2009 and IEC 60404-7.
CIM-3200HC Coercimeter can test sample by operating the panel under the condition of stand-alone machine and can also test by upper computer software control.
CIM-3200HC Coercimeter with optional PC-6616 data acquisition card and SMTest software, it can measure the hysteresis loop and basic magnetization curve of soft magnets with close-circuit samples.

Equipment Composition

CIM-3200HC Coercimeter is composed of industry computer, CIM-3200HC Coercimeter (control mainframe), MATS-2010SD Hysteresisgraph (exciation source), LZ-840 Fluxmeter (electronic integrator) , terminal box and test platform.

Software Interface


Item Parameters
Types of  samples Soft magnets such as electric pure iron, permalloy and silicon steel.
Measurement Range 10-1000A/m(equip with three kinds of coil)
Resolution 0.01A/m
Repeatability Superior to ±0.5%(When measure electric pure iron, diameter is 10mm, length is 100-200mm)
±1%,±0.18A/m(less than 10A/m)
Accuracy ±2%
Max. Magnetic field 30KA/m(measure general soft magnet components)
Work modes Smart Mode: It is suitable for unknown sample which are above 20A/m, the test time is relatively long for this mode. It can be used to detect the coercivity range of sample, then use the manual mode to test.
Manual Mode: It is suitable for sample with known range of coercivity. It is used together with “4” key sample coercivity range.
Fast Mode: It is suitable for unknown sample which are above 1000A/m.
Size of samples 1.regular samples such as bar, strip and sheet and irregular samples.
2.Directly measure soft magnet work-pieces(equip with measure fixture)
3. Sample size: MaxΦ25mm*200mm,  Min:20μm x 1mm x 30mm
Power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimension L1100xW320xH300
Cabinet(dimension) L700XW600XH1000
Weight About 100KG
Total power About 2000W

Caution: the above parameters acquired when measure regular samples such as bar, strip and sheet. When measure the irregular
samples; the uniformity and shape of material may affect the accuracy and repeatability.


Serial No Name Model Qua. Unit Remarks
1 Coercimeter CIM-3200HC 1 Set  
2 Fluxmeter LZ-840 1 Set  
3 Hysteresisgraph MATS-2010SD 1 Set  
4 Terminal box   1 Set  
5 Software   1 Set  
6 Computer IPC-510 1 Set With display (18.5 inch)
7 Test Platform   1 Piece  
8 Standard Sample Bar 1 Piece With factory test reports
9 Standard Cabinet   1 Piece  

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