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CIM-3101PMD Permanent Magnets Fast Measurement Device
CIM-3101PMD Permanent Magnets Fast Measurement Device is a semi-automatic measurement instrument for fast measure the remanence Br, coercivity Hcb and maximum magnet energy product BHm of hard magnets; it can test without outside magnetic field source and will not change the magnetic status of samples.

CIM-3101PMD Permanent Magnets Fast Measurement Device can test samples with shape of cuboid, cylinder, ring and tile. It fill in and take out sample by manual, when the sample is fixed, it can be automatically transport for testing, which improves the accuracy of test and saved human power.   

It has the embedded industrial control system, which is low power consumption, and high stability; with the function of data record, and the effective saved data can be 100000 groups which are transported by RS232C.


Items Parameters
Power AC 200~240V  50/60Hz  10A
Dimension 650*580*1600 (L *W * H)
Gross weight About 50KG
Total power About 300W
System control ARM high speed processor
Display Medium 5 inch full color LCD, resolution is 800*400
Detection capability 6S/PCS
Slipway distance by manual adjust 25mm
Resolution of manual adjust slipway 0.1mm
W rotate axis Rotate concentricity ≤0.1mm
Air Pressure 0.3-0.4MPa
Accuracy Remanence Br:2%; Coercivity Hcb:2%; magnetic energy product(BH)max: 3%
Repeatability Better than 0.5%;
Data software Windows 7 running environment, the measured data can be transport to PC terminal.
Qualification evaluation With the sorting function of Remanence Br, Coercivity Hcb and maximum magnetic energy product.


Serial No. Product name Model Quality Unit Remarks
1 Hard magnet fast tester CIM-3101PMD 1 Set  
2 Power line   1 piece  

As the products of our company are in constant updates, the change of products without pre-notice.


Serial No. Product name Model Quality Unit Remarks
1 Small air pump 0.3-0.4MPa 1 Piece User can prepare it by themselves