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CIM-3115RMT Magnet Analyzer
CIM-3115RMT Magnet Analyzer is a high precision automatic measuring device for measurements of the magnetic field strength on the surface of magnets with four axial position. It adopts PC+ARM double layer control, and can automatically test the peak value, angle, area, width and FWHM of every pole; automatically judge the poles number of magnet ring and the polarity of them; statistic analysis of test results and calculate the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of every parameter; it can draw the X-Y curve, polar coordinates curve and three dimensional curve.

By changing the fixing method of probe and fixture of sample, the system can support several test modes of hard magnets, such as internal and outside surface, upper surface, Z axis linear, cylindrical surface, round surface and surface scanning. It can multidimensional automatic scan of the surface magnetism of samples, and visually observe the surface magnetic field distribution of sample by graph, which is a valuable implement for assessment and optimisation of magnetic components.




Range 1KGs, 2KGs,4KGs,8KGs
Min Resolution 0.01Gs
Accuracy Superior to 0.5%

Hall Probe

Type Chip sensitive area Temperature coefficient
transverse 2.9mm*1.5mm 0.06%/℃

Software Functions

1. The software can run on Windows 7, confirm to Windows software standards, and the operation is simple and intuitive.
2. The machine automatically lock the test position after inputting the parameters, and automatically transmit the probe to the assigned position, without human intervention.
3. There is FFT arithmetic built-in the software; harmonic analysis of test waveform can be conducted; it can display and print the waveform spectrum analysis report and output the amplitude data of every harmonic component.
4. The software automatically judge the pole number of magnet ring and polarity of pole.
5. The test results contain the peak value, angle, area, width and FWHM of every pole, absolute and relative angle display can be selected by user.
6. The test results contain maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of every parameter.
7. X-Y coordinate curve can be zoom freely, and can dynamically trace and display the coordinate of every point on the curve.
8. Support all types of ink-jek or laser printer, user symbol and company name can be added to the test report.
9. There are Chinese and English test reports, it can analog display and can convenient to adjust size and margin.
10. The test report can be convent to images, so as to convenient to inset picture in the thesis.
11. Send colorful test report by email, which is more clear and fast than fax.
12. With function of database, user can output the test results to EXCEL, which is convenient to analyze it.

Software Interface:

Measurement curves:


Power AC 200~240V  50/60Hz  10A
Dimension 550x500x1000 (L * W * H)
Gross weight About 50KG
Total power About 500W
System control PC+ARM high-speed processor
X Axis stroke 200mm, positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Y Axis stroke 200mm, positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Z Axis stroke 150mm, positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
W Rotation axis Angle resolution 0.01degree, rotation concentricity≤0.05mm
Test cycle ≤3min
Measurement range When measuring the outside surface of cylinder workpiece: outer diameter: Φ3mm~Φ90mm, height≤75mm
When measuring the internal surface of cylinder workpiece:
outer diameter: Φ10mm~Φ79mm, height≤75mm
Magnetometer Range 1KGs, 2KGs,4KGs,8KGs
Accuracy Superior to 0.5%
Minimum measured area Transverse probe: 2.9mm*1.5mm
Temperature coefficient 0.06%/℃
Measured parameters Measure the real time surface magnetic field wave of rotor; maximum value, minimum value and average value of surface magnetic field; the peak value, angle, area, width, FWHM of every pole; spectral analysis of wave.
A/D Data acquisition 16Bits,rotation resolution>12000 points/360 º
Repeatability of test results by manual and automatic Less than 0.5%
Software Windows 7 operating environment, the test results can be saved on hard disk by EXCEL, and can be checked at any time.
Measurement report X-Y coordinate, polar coordinate and three-dimensional coordinate.
Qualification judgment With function of polarity distribution, polar area and calculation of peak value, and judge them according to standards.
Industry personal computer Main Board: G41, 5PCI slot, 2*RS-232
CPU: E5300 dicaryon 2.6G
RAM: DDR3 1333, 2G
Hard disk: Seagate500G,SATA,16M
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7


Serial No. Product name Model Quality Unit Remarks
1 Magnet Analyzer CIM-3115RMT 1 Set  
2 Data acquisition card PC6112 1 piece Inside the computer
3 Software SMTest 1 Set  
4 Computer Advantech
1 Set With 18.5 inch monitor
5 Reference magnet LINKJOIN 1 piece  

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