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MATS-3000SA  Hysteresisgraph

MATS-3000SA Hysteresisgraph can automatically measure the AC magnetic parameters of Fe-Si-Al, Fe-Al, ferrite, permalloy, amorphous/nanocrystalline and silicon steel under the condition of 10Hz~1MHz(continuous frequency), such as: remanence Br, coercivity Hc, total loss ratio Ps, amplitude permeability µa, loss angle δ, incremental permeability µm, inductance permeability µL, elastic permeability µ′, viscous permeability µ" and so on.
The test system adopts digital signal processing and synthesis technology, it is composed of the high-speed broadband bipolar power amplifier HSA4014 which is imported from Japan, high precision broadband analyzer CH2335A which is produced by American Clarke-Hess company and the industrial person computer. The operation interface adopts Windows measurement software, which can realize the measurement of complex magnetic properties and the management of data.


Applied Standards

  • GB/T 3658-2008  Methods of measurement of AC magnetic properties of magnetically soft materials
  • GB/T 19346-2003  Measuring method of magnetic properties for amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys
  • SJ 20966-2006   Measuring methods for soft ferrite materials
  • IEC 60404-6      Methods of measurement of AC magnetic properties of magnetically soft materials

Measured Parameters

  • Amplitude permeability (µa)
  • Loss angle (δ)
  • Total loss ratio (Ps)
  • Remanence (Br)
  • Coercivity (Hc)
  • B(H) hysteresis loop
  • B(H) hysteresis loop cluster
  • B(H) magnetization curve
  • µa(H) permeability curve
  • Ps(B) loss curve
  • Calculate μ′, μ″, μL, μR, Q and Ai  under certain conditions

Main Features

1. Adopt the digital power supply and standard power meter which are controlled by computer and the whole measurement can be finished automatically.
2. Adopt windows measurement software, easy to use, powerful software functions, and professional technical requirements to tester is very low.
3. Test sample shapes: ring, E and U shapes.
4. Test samples with closed magnetic circuit can be directly winded and measured on samples. Magnetizing coil (N1) and measuring coil (N2) form a no-load transformer.
5. The magnetization coil circuit series with the current of standard power meter, and get the magnetic field peak value by reading the current peak value of power meter.
6. Connect the measure coil to the voltage input port of standard power meter, calculate the peak value of magnetic induction by reading the voltage effective value of the power meter.
7. Adopt voltammetry and digital integration methods to measure dynamic hysteresisgraph, and the dynamic magnetic parameters, such as total loss ratio Ps, magnetic induction Bm, magnetic field strength Hm, ratio of apprant power Ss, amplitude permeability μa, loss angle δ, remanence Br and covercivity Hc. I t can also calculate μ′, μ″, μL, μR, Q and AL under certain conditions.
8. Automatic and continuous measurement up to 255 testing points, the testing time of every test point is about 12 seconds, lock-frequency, lock Bm or lock Hm can be selected for multipoint test to get the AC magnetizing curve and loss curve.

Software Functions

1. Operate under windows 7, complied to windows software restricts, easy to operate.
2. Lock Bm (magnetic induction) and lock Hm (magnetic field) can be selected, fit for various measurement requirements.
3. Automatic control, intelligent judgment, without user intervention all through the progress.
4. Sampling waveform and instrument status under real-time monitoring, and can be stopped at any time.
5. The effective sectional area and length of magnetic path of samples can be calculated according to the overall dimension of samples.
6. System adopts database format, and it can directly print or output test results to Excel form.
7. Various file management functions: data saving, data deleting and delete all data and so on.
8. With multipoint cluster function, it can display B(H) magnetizing curve and Ps(B) loss curve and it can display coordinates message at every data point on the curve.
9. Magnetizing curve B(H) and loss curve Ps(B) which are measured under different conditions can be combined on one drawing for comparative analysis.
10. Set up upper and lower limits according to μa, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc and Hm. Qualification evaluation to the test results and determine according to the color of data table.
11. Support various types of printers, the test paper exactly match the printer paper. With the function of print preview, it is conveniently to regulate the size and edge distance of test reports. Test reports can be directly printed or generate to JPG files.
12. JPG files can be sent directly through email or save to the disk.
13. Test reports contain complete curve graph, test results, test conditions and sample parameters. It support Chinese and English formats and can be convenient to add the logo and company name of users.
14. Optional multiple unit system satisfies the application habits of different units.

Software Interface

Test Reports

Technical Parameters

1. According to National Standard GB/T 3658-2008, under the frequency of 1kHz~100kHz, technical data of measuring ring
sample of metal magnetic power core :

Parameters Ps(%) μa(%) Bm(%) Hm(%)
Uncertainty(k=2) 10 10 3 3
Repeatability ±5 ±5 ± 1.5 ± 1.5
Remarks 1. Samples should be thin ring, OD/ID<1.4.
2. Test by lock Bm, and Bm=100mT~200mT.
3. Demagnetizing before testing,
 frequency of demagnetizing field≤test frequency.


2. According to National Standard GB/T 19346-2003, under the frequency of 20kHz~100kHz, technical data of measuring amorphous
ring sample are as follows:

Parameters Ps(%) Ss(%) μa(%) δ(%) Bm(%) Hm(%)
Uncertainty(k=2) 5 5 3 - 1 2
Repeatability ± 3 ± 2.5 ± 2 ± 2 ± 0.5 ± 1
Remarks 1. Samples should be thin ring, OD/ID≤1.5.
2. Test by lock Bm, and Bm=100mT~200mT. Demagnetizing before testing,
 frequency of demagnetizing field≤test frequency.
3. Uncertainty is “-”, means there is no requirement in the National Standards.


3. According to Military Standard SJ 20966-2006, under the frequency of 20Hz~100kHz, technical data of measuring ferrite ring
sample are as follows:

Parameters Ps(%) μa(%) δ(%) Bm(%) Br(%) Hc(%)
Uncertainty(k=2) 5 3 - 1 - -
Repeatability ± 3 ± 2 ± 2 ± 0.5 ± 1 ± 1
Remarks 1. Samples should be thin ring, OD/ID≈1.67.
2. Test by lock Bm, and Bm=100mT~200mT. Demagnetizing before testing,
 frequency of demagnetizing field≤test frequency.
3. Uncertainty is “-”, means there is no requirement in the National Standards.

Hardware Parameters

MATS-2010SA/1M Hysteresisgraph   CH2335A High Precision Broadband Analyzer
Output Power: 200 VA sine wave
Frequency Range: 10Hz ~ 1MHz
Stepped Frequency: 1Hz
Frequency Fineness: < 0.1% ×Current Value
Frequency Error: < 0.05%
Output Voltage:50Vrms,0Hz~500kHz
          40Vrms,10Hz~40Hz; 500kHz~1MHz
Voltage Fineness: Program Control, 1 mV, (lock Bm)
Output Current: 4Arms, 40Hz to 500kHz
Current Fineness: Program control,1 mV, (lock Hm)
Voltage Distortion Factor: Superior to 0.5%
Voltage Stability: Superior to 0.1%
  Current Sampling: 1uA~15A (peak current)                   four automatic ranges
Voltage Sampling: 1mV~1000Vrms(effective value) four automatic ranges
Sampling Accuracy: test signal is 5%~100% of full range
                                    10Hz~250kHz     ±0.1%
                                     250kHz~500kHz   ±0.2%
                                     500kHz~1.0MHz   ±0.4%
IPC (ADVANTECH IPC-510)   Printer
Main Board: G41, 5PCI slot, 2*RS-232
CPU: E5300 dicaryon 2.6G
RAM: DDR3 1333, 2G
Hard disk: Seagate500G,SATA,16M
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7
  Type: Laser printer
Max print size:A4
Print speed: reach to 18ppm
Max resolution: 1200x1200dpi
Consumables: cartridge and powder together
Capacity of carton: 150pcs, ordinary paper


Serial No. Product Name Model Qua. Unit Remarks
1 Hysteresisgraph MATS-3000SA/1M 1 Set  
2 High Precision Broadband Analyzer CH-2335A 1 Set  
3 Software SMTest 1 Set Install in computer
4 Computer Advantech IPC-510 1 Set With 18.5 inch display
5 Printer HP1108 1 Set Blank laser printer
6 Standard specimen Ring 1 pcs  
7 Standard Cabinet   1 Set  

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