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MATS-3000M Hysteresisgraph
MATS-3000M Hysteresisgraph is the special magnetic measurement instrument which is based on the technology of computer, software, A/D data acquisition and ARM embedded system.

MATS-3000M Hysteresisgraph adopts digital waveform compensation and digital feedback technology which can accurately measure the AC parameters of soft magnets such as electrical steel sheet(strip), permalloy, amorphous and nanocrystalline under the frequency of 20Hz~2kHz, the measured parameters are total loss ratios Ps, magnetic polarization Jm, magnetic field strength Hm, excitating power Ss, amplitude permeability μa, AC magnetization curve and loss curve.


Measured Parameters

  •  Total loss ratio (Ps)
  •  Magnetic polarization (Jm)
  •  Magnetic field strength (Hm)
  •  Exciting power (Ss)
  •  Amplitude permeability (µa)
  •  AC magnetization curve
  •  Loss curve

Main Features

1. Adopt Windows measurement software, convenient to use.
2. Use voltammery and DDA to measure dynamic hysteresis loop, and accurately measure μa, δ, Ps, Br and Hc.
3. The third generation signal source technology makes it keep the relative high Signal to Noise Ratio when the primary output as low as 10mV.
4. With digital dynamic feedback treatment technology , the minimum measured secondary voltage signal can reach to 1mVrms.
5. Adopt digital waveform compensation technology, by the application of digital treatment technology of digital synthesis and phase shift to effectively guarantee the waveform factor of secondary current when the sample is near the saturation magnetization state and make the measurement results more accurate. 
6. Newly design of the overall cooling channel of the chassis, which effectively improve the stability of continuous high-power measurement.
7.  4.5 inch 854*480 high resolution IPS screen is embedded in the front panel, which displays the real voltage parameter and waveform state.
8. It can automatically and constantly test 255 test points, each one costs about 30 seconds(related with samples); lock frequency, lock Bm or lock Hm modes are optional to get the AC magnetization curve and loss curve.

Software Functions

Functions Description
Operating system Support Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system.
System language English or Chinese operating interface can be selected.
Measuring model Fixed frequency, Fixed Bm or Fixed Hm( automatically and constantly measurement, and mostly support test 255 test points)
Sampling waveform Real time display I(t), U(t), B(t) sampling waveform, and display coordinates of each points on the curves.
Sample specifications Support the parameter input of ring, EE, EI, CD, rectangle, diplopore, and BS.
File management Functions of save data, delete data, delete all.
Data file It contains sampling data, sample parameters, instrument parameters and test program; the file adopts text format and can be opened by notepad, word or Excel.
Data export The test results can be directly export to Excel file, Word or JPG file.
Curve display ●Display B(H) hysteresis loop.
●After multi-point cluster, it can display B(H) hysteresis loop cluster, B(H) magnetization curve, μa(H) permeability curve and Ps(B) loss curve; display coordinates of each points on the curves.
●Combine B(H) magnetization curve and Ps(B) loss curve test under different conditions into one figure for contrastive analysis.
Qualified judgment Setup upper and lower limit for parameters of μa, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc and Hm to make qualified judgment of measured results, it is marked by the colors of data table.
Test report Report content: it contains full curve, test results, test condition, and sample parameters.
Report export: print, preview, or save the JPG file; send the JPG file by E-mail.
User information: can add the user logo and name into the test report.
Unit system Several units can be selected to meet the usage habit of different customers.

Software Interface

Test Reports

Technical Parameters

Item Parameters Specifications
Work environment Input power Single-phase 200V~240V, 50Hz±10%, maximum 10A
Environment Temperature: 23±5℃; Humidity: 30~75%RH
External magnetic field interference Absolutely avoided
Thermal balance time 10 mins
Measuring range Applied standards GB/T 3655-2008, GB/T 13789-2008, GB/T 3658-2008, IEC 60404-2, IEC 60404-3, IEC 60404-6
Measuring materials silicon steel, soft ferrite, permalloy, amorphous and nanocrystalline, and electric pure iron.
Sample shape Test strip samples with Epstein Frame.
Winding test samples such as ring, E shape and U shape
Measured parameters Ps, Jm, Hm, Ss, μa, δ, Br and Hc, and calculate parameters of μ′, μ″, μL, μR, Q and AL under certain conditions.
Instrument parameters Output power 500VA sine wave(20Hz-40Hz: 150VA; 40Hz-1KHz: 500VA;  1KHz-2KHz: 350VA)
Frequency 20Hz~2000Hz, frequency fineness :1Hz
Output voltage 0~1V~10V~50V~150V four automatic ranges
Output current 0~10A
Measurement model Fixed Bm and Fixed Hm can be selected under the frequency of 20Hz-2000Hz.
Data acquisition card 12Bit±1LSB
Industry computer Main Board: G41, 5PCI slot, 2*RS-232
CPU: E5300 dicaryon 2.6G
RAM: DDR3 1333, 2G
Hard disk: Seagate500G,SATA,16M
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7
System parameters According to GB/T 3655-2000, under 50Hz, 60Hz, test 30×300mm silicon steel by 25cm Epstein frame, technical data are as follows:
Parameters Ps(%) Ss(%) Hrms(%) Bm(%) Hm(%)
Uncertainty (k=2) 1 1 2 1 2
Repeatability (constant temperature) ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 1 ± 0.5 ± 1
Remarks Lock Bm:
non oriented Bm≤1.5T
oriented Bm≤1.7T
Lock Hm:
non oriented Hm≥1000A/m
oriented Hm≥500A/m
1. According to GB/T 13789-2008, under 50Hz, 60Hz,test 500×500mm silicon steel by SST-500 permeameter, technical data are as follows:
Parameters Ps(%) Ss(%) Hrms(%) Bm(%) Hm(%)
Uncertainty (k=2) 1.5 1.5 2 1 3
Repeatability (constant temperature) ± 0.5 ± 0.5 ± 1 ± 0.5 ± 1
Remarks Lock Bm:
non oriented Bm=0.8~1.5T
oriented    Bm=1.0~1.8T
Lock Hm:
non oriented Hm≤10000A/m
oriented    Hm≤1000A/m
According to GB/T 3658-2008, under 20Hz~2kHz, test permalloy ring sample, technical
data are as follows:
Parameters Ps(%) μa(%) δ(%) Bm(%) Hm(%)
Uncertainty (k=2) 3 2 - 1 1
Repeatability (constant temperature) ± 1.5 ± 1 ± 1 ± 0.5 ± 0.5
Remarks 1. Samples should be thin ring, OD/ND≤1.25.
2. Demagnetizing before testing, demagnetizing frequency ≤test frequency.
3. Uncertainty is “-”, means there is no requirement in the National Standard.

Excitation Device(Optional)

Model ES-700 Epstein Fram ES-200 Mid Band Frame
Test Equipment
Environment Temperature 23℃5±℃ 23℃5±℃
Humidity <65% <65%
Equivalent Magnetic Circuit 940mm 940mm
Winding Turns N1 700 turns, N2 700 turns N1 200 turns, N2 200 turns
Specimens Size Width: 30mm±0.2mm,
length: 280~320mm±0.5mm
Width: 30mm±0.2mm,
length: 280~320mm±0.5mm
Sample Mass 240g~1000g 240g~1000g
Applied Frequency DC~400Hz 400Hz~10kHz

Model SST-500 Permeameter
Test Equipment
Environment temperature 23℃±5℃
Humidity <65%
Sample size 500mm X 500mm
Magnetic yoke total loss ratio ≤1.0w/kg( 50Hz1.5T)
Feeding method by manual
Discharged method by manual
Applied frequency 50Hz-150 Hz
Measured range for oriented silicon steel sheet:
Bm1.0T~1.8T, Hm<1000A/m                                                                       
for non-oriented silicon steel sheet:
Bm0.8T~1.5T, Hm<10kA/m

Model Customized  Permeameter
Test Equipment      
Customize following specification
of permeameter
■ 300mm X300mm
■ 300mm X30mm
■ 100mm X100mm
■ 50mm X50mm
■ Applied frequency: 50Hz and 60Hz                                                                                 

Model Iron core measurement Soft magnet ring samples measurement
Test Equipment     
  Design the special fixture according to sample and test condition, do not need to winding the sample for testing, and and fast test silicon steel stator, amorphous broadband winding ring sample and other soft magnet ring samples. Directly wind N1 and N2 IN on the soft magnet closed circuit samples and directly measure the AC(dynamic) magnetic parameters of iron core.                                                     



Measurement methods and characteristics

No. Measurement method Excitation device Characteristics Measurement object
1 Frame method Epstein frame Frame method is the main method recommended by IEC, with strong universality and high accuracy. Hot rolling and cold rolling oriented silicon steel sheet and cold rolling non oriented silicon steel sheet with the thickness of 0.23mm or thicker than it.
2 Permeameter SST-500 Permeameter This method is for solving the problem of large detection of steel mill and complicate to test by Epstein frame, it is used for factory detection of steel mill and material measuring for material manufacturer.
3 Permeameter Customized It is mainly used for steel mill, colleges and universities to do research of material process.
4 Core test fixture Customized Fast test the magnetic components. Soft magnet components such as: motor core, amorphous broadband winding ring and transformer core.
5 Winding Directly winding to measure The same with AC measurement Soft magnet closed circuit samples such as ultra-thin silicon steel sheet with thickness of 0.2mm or less than it; amorphous, nanocrystalline and permalloy.




Serial No. Product name Model Qua. Unit Remarks
1 Hysteresisgraph MATS-3000M 1 Set  
2 Data acquisition card PC6111 1 Set  
3 Software SMTest 1 Set  
4 Industry computer Advantech IPC 1 Set With18.5 inch monitor
5 Epstein frame ES-700 1 Piece  
6 Reference sample 30mm×300mm 1 Set  
7 Cabinet   1 Set  

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