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LZ-652 Gaussmeter/Teslameter
LZ-652 is a precision and intelligent Gauss meter. It designed by adopting  the newest microprocessor and excellent operational amplifier, combine with advanced analog electronic technology.  

LZ-652 is mainly used is mainly used for measuring DC (static) magnetic field, it is suitable for fast measurement on production line, and has the function of high liability and anti-interface.


  • 16-key keyboard,  with multiplexing function
  • DC(static) magnetic field measurement
  • Embedded microcomputer control, auto or manual range
  • Displayed resolution 4¾ , 272*480 high resolution TFT screen
  • Units: Gs,T,Oe, kA/m
  • Auto recognize standard probes
  • RS-232, reply output ports( suitable for PLC)
  • Remote control by computer
  • Analog signal output
  • Peak value hold
  • High and low threshold alarm, support local and remote control


Power AC 220V+5%, -10%; 50Hz, 50VA
Display 4¾ high resolution TFT screen
Range 0-3T
Min resolution 0.01Gs
Accuracy Superior 0.50%
Units Gs,T,Oe, kA/m
Dimension 238 mm W ×330 mm L ×108 mm H


Item Title Qua. Unit
1 LZ-652 Gauss Meter 1 set
2 Hall Probe 1 piece
3 Power line 1 piece
4 User’s Manual 1 piece
5 Warranty Card 1 piece

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