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ATS-200M Iron Loss Tester
ATS-200M silicon steel sheet iron loss tester (Abv. Iron Loss Tester), which is suitable for the manufacturer of motor and transformer. In the scene of raw material stocking or producing, it is used for quickly measuring the quality of silicon steel sheet, and also can test the quality of stamping silicon steel sheet.

This tester in accordance with the measuring method in Chinese National Standard GB / T13789-92, which adopt the combination of singlechip control technique and A/D, D/A, sine wave excitation current inside, directly show the iron loss value Ps ( W/kg ), magnetic field value Hm ( A/cm ) or magnetic induction value Bm ( T ).

Composing the silicon steel sheet automatic tester by selecting measuring software, it can automatic measure the Ps(B) loss curve, Ps(H) loss curve and B(H) magnetization curve of silicon steel sheet.


  • It is suitable for measuring various thickness of silicon steel sheet with oriented and non-oriented cold rolling and hot rolling.
  • It can choose the fix B or fix H measurement, fix B maintain the magnetic flux sine when measuring the Ps, which effectively eliminate the influence of harmonic wave.
  • Test report excludes copper loss to make sure result more realistic.
  • Test probe adds the air flux compensational coil to assure the test result more accurate.
  • Three Bm and Hm test points can be set by users, the equipment will keep the data after powering off.
  • According to the measuring results, users can draw the Ps-B, Ps-H loss curve and B(H) magnetization curve manually in the coordinate paper to contrast with the material.
  • Connected the RS232 interface with computer, choosing the automatic measuring software (Sold separately), powerful functions.


Power AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz /60Hz, 1 A
Display 3.5 inch LCD display
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Test Mode Fix B and Fix H
B setting range Bm1:500~1900mT;
H setting range Hm1:500~9999A/m;
Thickness Range 0.10~0.50mm
Size requirements of sample For simple probe ≥ 50mm×50mm with smooth surface
For Standard probe:30mm×100mm
Repeatability ±1% (with the same test condition)
Accuracy Ps is 3%(Convert to the test results of Epstein Frame by Epstein Frame sample)
Bm is 2%
Refreshing rate 3 times / second
Application environment temperature:-10°C~40°C; Humidity:35~75%
Dimension W235*H90*D330mm
Weight 4.5kg


Item Title Qua. Unit
1 ATS-200M Iron Loss Tester 1 set
2 Simple Probe(41mm×16mm)
 with connecting line
1 set
3 Standard Probe(30mm×100mm)
 with connecting line
1 set
4 Power cord 1 Piece
5 User`s Manual 1 Piece
6 Warranty Card 1 Piece

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