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ATS-201M Iron Loss Tester
New model ATS-201M Iron Loss Tester is the update model of ATS-200M. Main advantages are as follows:  
1. Adopt 3.5 inch bright LCD display, which solve the problem of screen flashing;  
2. Improve the readability and stability of test results.  
3. Panel upgrade to 16-key keyboard, with the function of reuse, which makes the operation more humanized.  
4. Magnetic induction set range, all the three save point Bm1, Bm2, Bm3 are improved to 500~2500mT.  
5. Upgrade the performance pf probe, the minimum test width is 5mm of raw material and pressed sheet.
6. Newly added self-check function, which can calibrate the standard sample attached to the tester, make the measurement value more accurate.  




  1. It is suitable for manufacturer of motor and transformer to fast test the quality of silicon steel sheet on raw
   material purchasing or production site,also quality check of  stamped silicon steel sheet.    
  2. The tester is in accordance with the measuring method in National Standard GB/T13789-92, adopts the
   single-chip microcomputer control technology and A/D, D/A  combination, built in the sine wave excitation power
   supply, directly display the iron loss Ps value(W/kg), magnetic field Hm value (A/cm) ormagnetic induction value Bm(T).  
  3. Selecting optional software to compose the automatic measuring instrument for silicon steel sheet, which can
   automatically measure Ps(B) loss curve,Ps(H) loss curve and  B(H) magnetization curve of silicon steel sheet. 
  4. Suitable for measuring various thickness of oriented and non-oriented cold rolling and hot rolling silicon steel sheet.
  5. Fixed B or Fix H can be selected; the magnetic flux sine can be maintained when measuring Ps with Fixed B, which can
   effectively eliminate the influence of harmonic.   
  6. The test results do not contain copper loss, ensuring more accurate measurement of iron loss. 
  7. Air flux compensation coil is added to the test probe to ensure more accurate test results. 
  8. Three Bm test points and three Hm test points are available for users to set freely, and the set data will
   not lost after shutdown. 
  9. According to the test data, Ps(B) loss curve, Ps(H) loss curve and B(H) magnetization curve can be manually
   drawn on the coordinate paper.
  10. It can be connected with the computer by RS232 interface and equipped with automatic measurement software
   (need to be purchased separately), powerful functions.  
  11. Calibration of the instrument: there are data on the sample for calibration and the specific test position is also draw
   on the sample.  

Technical Data

Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz,1A
Display method 3.5 inch bright LCD display
Test frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Test Mode Fix B and Fix H
Magnetic induction B set ranges(Fixed B measurement)
Magnetic field H set ranges(Fixed H measurement) Hm1:500-9999A/m;
Thickness set ranges 0.10~0.50mm
Iron loss value measuring range(P)  0-19.99W/kg
Requirements of silicon steel size
Simple probe≥5*20mm, smooth surface;
Standard probe 30*100mm. 
Repeatability ±1%(with the same temperature and test condition)
Simple probe: 5%
Standard probe: iron loss (Ps)3%(convert by Epstein Frame sample); magnetic induction (Bm)2%
Refreshing rate 3 times / second
Dimension Metal case: 235*90*330mm(width*height*depth)
Weight 4.5kg

Packing List

S/N Name Model Qua. Unit
1 Iron Loss Tester ATS-201M 1 set
2 Simple Probe Single yoke 1 PCS
3 Standard probe(Permeameter) Double yokes 1 PCS
4 Probe connecting lines   2 PCS
5 Calibration sample   2 PCS
6 Power line   1 PCS
7 Rust-proof slot   1 PCS
8 Warranty card   1 PCS
9 User manual   1 PCS


  Check off each item on the above packing list as it is unpacked. Contact LINKJOIN immediately if there is a shortage pf parts or accessories.
  Because the products of our company are in constant updates, the change of products without pre-notice.