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  CIM-3300P Permeameter for Feebly Magnetic Materials is designed according to《GB/T 35690-2017 Methods for the determination for of the relative magnetic permeability of feebly magnetic materials》and《ASTM A342/342M-14 Standard Test Methods for Permeability of Feebly Magnetic Materials. it can measure the relative permeability of feebly magnetic materials (for example austenitic stainless steel) with bar or square shape whose relative permeability µr is between 1.001-4.000. The system is controlled by computer, which can automatically complete the test and generate the test report. 

Test Items 

Range of Relative permeability µr : 1.001-4.000


Technical Data 

1. Hardware Parameters 
Model LZ-510
Input Power Single sheet 220V 50Hz
Output Voltage 0~±50V
Output Current ± 10A (Max value) 
Output protection Over-voltage, over-current, short circuit protection.
1.2 LZ-840 Fluxmeter
Model LZ-840
 Integrator Range 0.4, 4, 40, 400 mWb
Measuring Accuracy(full range) 0.25%
Zero Drift Less than 1μWb/60 secs
Drift Adjust Method  Automatic, manual 
Drift Suppression Intelligent suppression
1.3 LXG-0630 Solenoid
Model LXG-0530
Max. Current 10A
Max. Magnetic Field 40000A/m@10A(higher magnetic field needs to be customized) 
Uniform Range Diameter*Length Φ40mm*200, uniformity is superior to 0.5%
1.4  PC-6616 Data Acquisition Card
Parameters Specifications
A/D convert 16Bit, 8 channels differential input
Convert time < 10μs
Convert accuracy 0.01% (full range)
D/A convert 16Bit, 2 channels independent output
Convert accuracy 0.01%(full range)


SMTest Software

SMTest runs in Windows 7 operating system, confirms to Windows software standards, easy to operate.
Chinese, English operating interfaces can be selected.
File system adopts data base, it can directly print or output test results into Excel.
File management with powerful functions, it can automatic save data, delete data and delete all data.
Data file contains full sampling data, sample parameters and instrument parameters. The file is in text format, and can input to other software.
Support all types of printers, test report and printer paper match perfectly. 
With function of print preview, convenient to adjust the size of test report.
Directly print test report, or generate the test report into JPG file.
Send JPG file by E-mail, or save it into disk. 
Test report contains full curves, test results, test conditions and sample parameters.
User logo and name can be added into test report.