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Conform to the stipulations of National Military standards GJB 937-90 and  National Metrology Verification Regulation permeability JJG 407-86, it can be used together with MATS-2010SD Hysteresisgraph to measure weak magnetic materials with the relative permeability μr within 1~4, such as silicon steel. It can also be used for measuring the coercivity Hc and saturation magnetic flux density Bs of electric pure iron.

It is suitable for measuring the initial permeability μi, maximum permeability μm, saturation magnetic flux density Bs, remanence Br, coercivity Hc, hysteresis loss Pu and magnetic anisotropy Ku of amorphous ribbon.


Main Features

  • Adopt analog ballistic method and different kinds of materials should equip with relative J coil to measure.
  • The tested sample is the rodlike with the cross section of round, square or rectangle, it can also be consist of stripe.
  • The length of rodlike sample is 200~250mm,the lateral dimension are: for round section the diameter of sample is about 10mm, for rectangle section, the thickness of sample is 2~4mm, and width is about 20mm.
  • The length of strip sample is about 300mm, and the width is about 1~2mm.
  • The sample surface should be smooth and clean, no burr, corrosion and crackle, and there should be uniform section area along with the length direction.


Diameter of inner bore 50mm
Size of uniform area 300mm
Uniformity of magnetic field 0.5%
Max. Magnetic field 300 Oe (when the current of coil is 10A)
Coil resistance < 1.5Ω
Coil inductance < 20mH
Total weight 22kg
Dimension 610×240×210 mm